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&build and &estimate are your partners at every stage in the development of your project. Streamline your project with our construction management company; sound peace of mind combined with solid market analysis have been why clients have been partnering with us since 1988.

About Us

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PCS, Inc. was founded in 1988, as a pre-construction cost estimating, construction scheduling and project management firm providing Architects and Owners with a precise understanding of their project’s cost and schedule objectives.

In addition to pre-construction services, our firm further advanced into delivering the construction itself, which in turn, effectively fully integrated us into the construction process, from planning through closeout. Through this natural integration, we proved to be effective in our approach and commitment to providing construction management services. What originally were services, pre-construction cost estimating, construction scheduling and construction management, grew to become separate organizations under the umbrella of the PCScompanies; &build and &estimate.

Our Mission

Providing Architects and Owners with a precise understanding of their project’s costs, in addition to a likely schedule and managing the build itself, thus effectively integrating the entire construction process from the planning phase all the way to the finished product.

Our Vision

To continuously grow and position the PCS family of companies as a national, all-encompassing construction management firm for both private and public projects. Continuing to earn work through our partnerships and relationships in addition to the new opportunities we are afforded through our firm’s proven history/reputation/success. Retaining exceptional talent to deliver exceptional projects!

The Process of Construction Management

Our Construction Management Process

Plan Well. Save Money & Stress.

Our construction consulting specialists are experts at cost management. We’ll create an easy-to-follow plan for procurement.

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Execute Better. Plan. Organize. Control.

We keep your best interests in mind throughout planning and design to procurement and construction. Choose us as your partners to build the future.

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At Our Core

We believe there’s equilibrium between the Owner’s budget and the design. For over 35 years, we’ve been committed to guiding clients throughout the process. It matters to us. Here, we say purposefully constructed &we mean it.

Act with a Sense of Urgency

Exceptional Customer Service

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Always Listen, Always Learn

Respect the Work, Vision, and one another

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